About Us

Our Association was formed in 1998 from the merger of two small community based Associations, Collydean Community Housing Association and Glenfield Housing Association (both formed in 1992).

We own and manage circa 500 houses. Our area of operation is Glenrothes and Levenmouth, mainly general needs houses and flats but also wheelchair adapted and amenity bungalows.

Our Purpose

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We care about our communities and the challenges they face. We strive to make a difference

Our Vision

Glen HA’s vision for 2026 is that we will:

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Continue to be an independent and financially stable organisation.

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Have improved how we engage and involve our tenants.

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Have a motivated, engaged, and enthusiastic staff team.

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Be supporting tenants to access our services in different ways.

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Have reviewed our services and have plans to make improvements.

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Be continuing to seek opportunities to build more houses, where underpinned by a robust business case.

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Be clear about how we will improve energy efficiency and have made a start on implementing this.

Our Values

Which underpin all our activities, working practices and strategies;

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Integrity – we strive to promote a culture of honesty

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Responsibility – we all take responsibility for our actions

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Customer focused – we work hard to understand what our customers need and strive to provide our service accordingly

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Enabling – we encourage collaborative teamwork to strive towards excellence and innovation in providing our services

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Accountability – we are open and clear about what we do and how we do it

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Respect – we are all equal and different and aim to understand people as individuals and treat them with dignity

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Our Strategic Priorities

2023 – 2026

1.  Zero carbon/energy efficiency

Operational Activity

  • Gain a better understanding of the issues.
  • Establish our base position.
  • Assess the options.
  • Consult.
  • Prepare a plan.
  • Secure necessary finance/funding.

2.  Financial stability & business resilience

Operational Activity

  • Implement an operational efficiency programme.
  • Investigate funding opportunities.
  • Continue to develop & retain staff and Board skills.
  • Maintain affordable rents.
  • Develop a reputation for good governance.
  • Seek opportunities to build (underpinned by a robust business case).

3. Quality of our homes

Operational Activity

  • Act on stock condition results.
  • Update the planned maintenance programme.
  • Access funding streams (grants and lenders).
  • Ensure new build stock is high quality (i.e. meets Net Zero)
  • Improve energy efficiency.
  • Review procurement process for day-to-day repairs.

4. Quality of the customer experience

Operational Activity

  • Identify what our customers want and seek greater feedback.
  • Work towards Right 1st Time.
  • Support community projects.
  • Offer clear and consistent advice.
  • Improve our IT for the customer and increase online presence.
  • Explore new ways to deliver our services.

5. Our people

Operational Activity

  • Consider and adopt flexible working models and approaches.
  • Offer and encourage development opportunities to our people.
  • Recognise and reward achievement of staff, Board, and contractors.
  • Provide attractive and sufficient resources and workplaces.
  • Improve our working relationships with contractors.