Model Publication Scheme

A guide to information that we make available to you

Under the MPS, the information we provide must be listed under certain “classes” of information. These are the categories of information that are detailed below. As FOI applies to other bodies and sectors across Scotland – such as the Scottish Government and Councils for example –this means that not all of the categories in the MPS apply to housing associations/co-operatives.   

The details of all the information we hold under each of the classes that apply to our organisation, and hyperlinks to access this information when available online, are outlined below.

Class 1 - About Glen Housing Association

Descriptions of who we are

Information about Glen Housing Association, who we are, where to find us, how to contact us, how we are managed and our external relations.

InformationWhere to access
Mission• About Page
Vision• About Page
Values• About Page
Corporate Objectives• About Page
Area(s) of operation (Operational Objectives)• About Page
Key activities; strategic/corporate plan(s)• About Page
Business Plan (or summary)• Business Plan Summary
Service Standards • Service Standards

Location and opening arrangements

InformationWhere to access
Address• Contact Page
• Footer
Telephone number and e-mail address for general enquiries
(and dedicated lines where appropriate)
• Contact Page
• Footer
Opening times• Contact Page
• Footer
General contact arrangements• Contact Page
• Footer
Leven Branch Office contact details • Contact Page
• Footer
Contact details for making a complaint• Complaints Page

Information relating to Freedom of Information

InformationWhere to access
Publication Scheme and Guide to Information• This Page
Charging Schedule for Published Information• Freedom of Information Page
Contact details and advice on making an FOI request • Freedom of Information Page
• Freedom of Information Request Form
Freedom of Information policies and procedures • Freedom of information Policy
Charging Schedule for environmental information provided in response to requests made under EIRs• Freedom of Information Page
• Environmental Information Page

About our Governing Body

InformationWhere to access
List of Governing Body Members
• Names
• When they became a governing body member
• Professional biographical details
• Office-bearing responsibilities
• When they became an office-bearer
• Board of Management Page
Description of the role of the Governing Body
• Governance structure chart (including sub-committees and working groups)
• Remits for governing body and any sub-committees
• Board of Management Page
• Governance Structure Chart
• Governing Body FAQ
• Remit Of The Audit Committee
• Remit Of The Wider Role Working Group
• Remit Of The Health & Safety Committee
• Remit Of The Executive Committee
• Governing Body Members Role Description
• Role Description for Chairperson, Vice-Chair & Secretary
How to become part of the governing body• Board Members Recruitment Policy & Process
• Board of Management Page

About our staff

InformationWhere to access
List of senior management team, including professional biography and contact details• Staff Page
Organisational structure • Staff Page

Governance Documents and Corporate Policies

InformationWhere to access
Rules/Articles• Rules Document
Standing Orders• Standing Orders Policy
Membership Policy• Membership Policy
Code of Conduct for Staff• Code Of Conduct - Staff
Code of Conduct for Governing Body Members• Code Of Conduct - Governing Body Members
Entitlements Payments and Benefits Policy (or equivalent, including arrangements for payments for expenses and subsistence)• Entitlements, Payments & Benefits Policy
Register of Interests• Board of Management Page - Bio
Equalities Policy• Equality & Diversity Policy
Health and Safety Policy• Health & Safety Policy

Relationship with Regulators

InformationWhere to access
Engagement plan with Scottish Housing Regulator • Scottish Housing Regulator's Website
How we are regulated• Scottish Housing Regulator's Website
Assurance Statement • Scottish Housing Regulator's Website
Annual Return on Charter Submission to SHR• Annual Return on Charter Submission to SHR
Financial Returns to SHR • Scottish Housing Regulator's Website
Charter report to tenants• Scottish Housing Regulator's Website
Internal and External Audit arrangements• Internal Audit Plan

Key Partnerships

InformationWhere to access
Strategic agreements with other organisations• Fife Housing Register
• Fife Housing Association Alliance
Class 2 – How we deliver our functions and services

How to use our services

Information about our work, our strategy and policies for delivering services and information for our service users.

InformationWhere to access
List of services provided• Services Page
How to report a repair• Repairs Page
• Report a Repair Form
Right to Repair information• Repairs Page
How to apply for a house• Apply for a house Page
How to get information about tenancy support• Tenancy Sustainment Policy
How to make a complaint• Complaints Page
• Make a Complaint Page
How to speak to a housing officer• Complaints Page
How to speak to a housing officer• Staff Page
How we consult with tenants and other customers to inform and improve service delivery and develop new services• Get Involved Page

Policies and Procedures

InformationWhere to access
Allocations Policy • Allocation Policy
Adaptations Policy • Adaptations - Repairs Page
Anti-Social Behaviour Policy • Anti-Social Behaviour Policy
Asbestos Management Policy • Asbestos Management Policy
Arrears Management Strategy• Rent Arrears Policy
Asset Management Policy (including stock condition information) • Asset Management Strategy
Service Standards• Service Standards
Privacy Policy • Privacy Policy Page
Environmental Information Regulations Policy (EIR) • Freedom of information Policy
• Freedom of Information Page
• Environmental Information Page
Equality and Diversity Policy • Equality and Diversity Policy
Estate Management Policy • Estate Management Policy
Health and Safety Policy and procedures • Health & Safety Policy Statement
Legionnaires Inspection/Prevention Policy • Water Systems Health & Safety Manual
Procurement Policy • Procurement Policy
Risk Management Strategy• Risk Management Policy
Rent Policy • Rent Policy
Repairs Policy • Repairs Policy
• Right To Repair Policy
Tenant Engagement Policy • Tenant Participation Policy
Tenancy Sustainment Policy• Tenancy Sustainment Policy
Internal procedures relating to above (where available)• On Request (if available)
Class 3 – How we take decisions and what we have decided

Governing Body Meetings

Information about the decisions we take, how we make decisions and how we involve others.

InformationWhere to access
Board of Management Meeting Minutes• Board of Management Meeting Minutes to June 2023
Board of Management Meeting Agendas & Minutes• Board of Management Meeting Agendas & Minutes from August 2023
Board of Management Meeting Agendas• On request to June 2023

Consultation and Participation

InformationWhere to access
Tenant Participation Strategy• Tenant Participation Policy
Consultation reports noting the outcome of any recent consultations with tenants/others• On request
Tenant Scrutiny Panel composition • On request
Class 4 – What we spend and how we spend it

Information about our accounts and budgets

Information about our strategy for, and management of, financial resources (in sufficient detail to explain how we plan to spend public money and what has actually been spent).

InformationWhere to access
Description of funding sources • Annual Report
Audited accounts• Report & Financial Statements
Budget policies and procedures• Financial & General Regulations Policy
Budget allocation to key service areas• Annual Report

Our programme of work and projects

InformationWhere to access
Brief details of any project funding and how it’s being spent
• Report & Financial Statements
• Annual Report
• Government Project Funding for Aids & Adaptations to properties
• Ernest Cook Grant - Community Projects with Wildlife Gardener and Collydean Primary School
• Santander Grant - Workshops & Garden Activities at Aberlour Childcare Trust property, McNally House – with Wildlife Gardener
Capital works programme/plans information (annual programme figure) Capital Programme not finalised for 2023/24

Spending relating to Staff and Governing Body

InformationWhere to access
Expenses policies and procedures• Entitlements Payments & Benefits Policy
Senior staff/governing body member expenses at category level e.g. travel, subsistence and accommodation• On request
Board member remuneration other than expenses• Unpaid Volunteers
Pay and grading structure (levels of pay rather than individual salaries)• Staff Page
General information about staff pension scheme• EVH - Terms & Conditions
Class 5 – How we manage our resources

Human resources

Information about how we manage our human, physical and information resources.

InformationWhere to access
Staffing structure• Staff Page
Human resources policies, covering: recruitment, performance management, salary and grading, promotion, pensions, discipline, grievance, staff development, maintenance and retention of staff records.• Recruitment Policy
• Staff Dignity at Work Policy
• Learning & Development Policy
• EVH - Terms & Conditions
• Document Retention Policy
Internal procedures relating to the above (where available)• On request
Trade Union information• EVH - Terms & Conditions
Summary of professional organisations/trade bodies of which we are a member• EVH Supporting Social Employers
• SFHA – Scottish Federation of Housing Associations
• PAiH – Positive Action in Housing
• CIH – Chartered Institute of Housing
• FSA – Financial Services Authority
• EAS – Energy Action Scotland
• PATH – Positive Action Training in Housing
• SHN – Scotland’s Housing Network
• UC Advice – Universal Credit Advice
• Fife Chamber of Commerce

Physical Resources

InformationWhere to access
Management of our land and property assets, including environmental/sustainability reports • Asset Management Strategy
General description of our land and property holdings • Existing Estates Page
Estate development plans• New Developments Page

Information Resources

InformationWhere to access
Records management policy and records management plan, including records retention schedule• Document Retention Policy
• Data Retention Schedule
• Fair Processing Notice
• Employee & GBM Fair Processing Notice
Data protection or privacy policy• Privacy Policy
• Footer
Class 6 - How we procure goods and services from external providers

Our Contractors and Suppliers

Information about how we procure works, goods and services, and our contracts with external providers.

InformationWhere to access
Information about our key service delivery contractors who carry out: responsive repairs landscape maintenance planned/cyclical maintenance• Our Contractors Page
List of suppliers and contractors used by organisation (provided to staff under our Entitlements Payments and Benefits Policy)• Entitlements Payments & Benefits Policy
Information about regulated procurement contracts awarded (value, scope, duration) • No Regulated Procurement Contracts at 11th November 2019

Our Procurement

InformationWhere to access
Procurement Policy and procedures• Procurement Policy
Information on how to tender for work and invitations to tender• Procurement Policy
Register of contracts awarded which have gone through formal tendering, including name of supplier, period of contract and value• On request but some data may be refused if commercially sensitive
Links to procurement information we publish on Public Contracts Scotland website• N/A
Framework Agreements• N/A
Class 7 – How we are performing

How we are performing

Information about how we perform as an organisation, and how well we deliver our functions and services.

InformationWhere to access
Annual Report• Annual Report
ARC report to tenants• Annual Report
Performance Standards/indicators• Scottish Housing Regulator Website
Benchmarking information• Scottish Housing Regulator Website
Complaints policy, guidance and forms• Complaints Handling Procedure
Complaints reports or equivalent to show how complaints are handled and influence service delivery (aggregate reports rather than individual outcomes).• On request
Class 8 – Our commercial publications

Information packaged and made available for sale on a commercial basis and sold at market value through a retail outlet e.g. bookshop, museum or research journal.

This class does not apply to Glen Housing Association as we do not produce any publications for sale.

Class 9 – Our open data

Open data made available by us under the Scottish Government’s Open Data Resource Pack and available under open licence.

This class does not apply to Glen Housing Association.